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Loose Sofa covers, handmade to fit perfectly.

Here at NJB Upholstery we expertly craft your, made to measure loose covers, to fit your sofa covers, armchair covers and dining chair covers. We offer a simple and less expensive way to give your furniture a new lease of life from top brands like Mulityork, Duresta and many more.

• With years of experience in creating furniture products we understand how our sofa covers can remodel your home interiors.

• Save money by transforming your furniture with our loose covers compared to when you buy new furniture.

• Wash, refresh and refit your sofa covers with machine washable fabric for a fresh look.

• Save the planet buy recycling your sofa or suite using a British Made, hand crafted product.

Unlike our reupholstery services, loose covers are fitted over the top of your upholstery, so your sofa, chair or footstool are given a brand new look without you purchasing new furniture. With your new loose covers you can remove them, and the majority of our fabrics are machine washable.

Its true to say that there isn’t anything simplistic about making loose cover but over the years we have developed the best practises to create beautifully fitted covers for your upholstery.

A home Consultation is supplied where we take 100s of measurements are taken of your sofa or chair to ensure we offer you only the very best in perfectly fitted covers for any upholstery style.

If its value for money you are after, then you cannot go wrong with furniture upholstery or sofa covers. No matter what style furniture you have we can cover it, so if its Parker knoll, Multiyork, Gplan or Ercol- we have you covered.

Here is a list of the benefits for loose covers and reupholstery. If you are still have trouble in deciding then please feel free to give us a call and we are more than happy to give you free advice.

Loose covers are a replacement to your existing loose covers or fit over your existing upholstery.

• There is significant financial savings when choosing to renew your upholstery with NJB Upholstery when it is compared to purchasing new furniture to replace your old sofa or chair.

• By choosing a British made product like this you are doing your bit for the plant by recycling your sofa or suit.

• Nearly all or fabrics for loos covers are machine washable which means you can wash your covers and refit them for a fresh new look.

If you own a piece of Multiyork, upholstered furniture and it is need of a new look you are in the right place.

Here at NJB upholstery we are experts in recovering Multiyork furniture and are here to help.

Multiyork was at the forefront of producing quality furniture and the vast majority were loose covers. Here at NJB upholstery, we have been re-coving Multiyork furniture for many years. You can be rest assured that you can have complete confidence in both our product and customer service.

To assure your comfort and style, Multiyork produced a quality frame and cushion interiors but as with all things, over time the covers can start to look old and tiered.

With our large chose of fabrics you can now create a new look that will enable your furniture to last for years to come.

For more information, please feel free to get InTouch and we will help you choose the right fabric. Whether you would like a plain or pattern fabric, velvet or chenille, we are here for you.

Keep your furniture looking perfect with a wide range of beautifull fabrics. Nearly all of with can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

Simply book a home consolation or get InTouch and we will take you through our fabrics to find your perfect match.

Click here to book your home consultation today or call us on 01728 860700

Keep your upholstery looking showroom fresh for years to come.

With this guide you can follow some simple instructions to keep your furniture looking great for years and years.Keep your upholstery looking showroom fresh for years to come.

With this guide you can follow some simple instructions to keep your furniture looking great for years and years.

• Using a brush attachment on your hoover, make sure your regularly vacuum the covers to ensure there is no build-up of dirt as this can wear the fabric.

• Plump up your cushion interiors of a regular bases.

• To maintain the look you will need to dress your covers. You would need to straighten the seams, tuck in any excess fabric to the arms and back of the seat. You may also need to pull down the valance, back into position.

• Minimise fading by making sure your furniture is not in direct sunlight.

• Clean any spills as soon as they are made and remember to only clean a small area first where it cant be seen to test.

• Some Velvets and Chellile will flatten with use and may result in different shading on areas that get the most contact. We suggest using a vacuum with a brush to help reduce the flattening of the pile.

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